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by David Zurick
foreword by Alan Marcus

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The expansive blues of the water, lush greens of the vegetation, and bright shades of a rich and active cultural life make David Zurick’s images in this collection a visual feast. His Polynesia photographs extol the marvels of a magnificent part of the globe and bring to light questions about the future of the islands. Tourism, resources, and politics all play key roles in oceanic society, as do the resiliency of traditional culture and the many generations of accumulated knowledge. The Polynesians face a daunting task: to look to the past for strength and wisdom but to the future for opportunities, and to do so without unduly sacrificing cultural heritages and natural settings. Zurick’s imagery speaks for the globe at this important time, cautioning us to stay informed, witness the boundless beauty of our planet, and respect change that is inevitable while guarding against that which is destructive and exploitative.

PHOTOGRAPHY / Photoessays & Documentaries
TRAVEL / Australia & Oceania

ISBN: 978-1-956056-24-2 (print; softcover; perfect bound)

LCCN: 2021952577

Released February 2022
Copyright 2022

110 pages; 100 full-color images



David Zurick is the author of numerous nonfiction and photography books. His books have won the National Outdoor Book Award, Banff Mountain Book Finalist Award, and Nautilus Award (for Morning Coffee at the Goldfish Pond, Shanti Arts). He is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and a recipient of the Mount Everest Award.

Alan Marcus is Professor and Chair of Film and Visual Culture, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and an acclaimed filmmaker.



When first we glance at and then study the photographs captured by David Zurick’s camera, two aspects become apparent. Each image is framed with precision and care, offering a momentary portal of a place and time. The featured sky and seascape or rock formation are imbued with a seemingly timeless character. Thus, the photographs in this collection invite us to consider a place where beauty and time find harmony. Yet, in their juxtaposition with one another, paradoxes emerge around society’s impact on the natural environment. As the book’s narrative progresses, we are made to confront the challenges of contested land use and the implications of urbanization. The smiles and facial queries that address us, signal that these Pacific islands do not exist in a naturalistic void, but rather are places where humans thrive and are in need of accommodation. These images serve to diversify our engagement with tropical island settings by displaying their variations and hues. Whether encouraging romanticized or more forthright interpretations, they also challenge our own fixation with consumption and cultural appropriation. Having met in Honolulu and traveled parallel paths in Samoa and other Pacific islands, I recognize within David Zurick’s work ecosystems which appear in balance and others which face uncertainty due to human needs and desires. His visual artistry mesmerizes but does not obscure. The fusion of land, sea and air illustrate a tranquility that exists within his frame and for us to imagine or to find in our discovery of the places themselves. Through the alchemy of his informed vision, we are invited to voyage and to pay witness.|
Alan Marcus, Professor and Chair of Visual Culture, University of Aberdeen

Articles and Reviews


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