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Art Is Fleeting

short fiction by Rachel Rodman

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How short can a story be? Rachel Rodman's Art Is Fleeting explores this question with more than 150 pieces of punchy, clever, and, at times, heartbreaking micro and flash fiction. Some of these literary miniatures are funny, some fantastical, and some a bit dark. All of them offer meaning and emotion in a condensed and sharp-edged form, and their mark upon the reader will not soon be dislodged. Several well-known fictional characters make appearances, among them Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. And some real-life characters show up as well: the Wright Brothers; Sylvia Plath; John Cage; and John, Paul, George, and Ringo. A stunning and unforgettable collection of short fiction.

FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

ISBN: 978-1-956056-00-6 (print; softcover; perfect bound)
ISBN: 978-1-956056-01-3 (digital; epub))

Released September 2021

176 pages

Author Biography

Rachel Rodman writes many forms of experimental fiction, both short and long. She is the author of a collection of literary recipes and a series of quantum cloud narratives featuring Erwin Schrödinger. Her Ph.D. is in biochemistry. In the classroom, she is developing ways to teach genetics and chemistry through creative writing and evolution through art.


Articles and Reviews


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