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Shanti Arts Publishing Active Title List
This is a complete list of active titles as of January 1, 2023.
All titles may be purchased through,, and many other online retailers.
Wholesale purchasers may obtain copies from Ingram or inquire with us directly by email.
For permission to reprint content from any of our books, please email us.
Author Title Copyright Year
Justen Ahren A Machine for Remembering 2019
Yeremei Aipin Mists on the River 2020
Scott Edward Anderson Dwelling: an ecopoem 2018
Scott Edward Anderson Wine-Dark Sea: New & Selected Poems & Translations 2022
Virginia Aronson Hikikomori 2021
Peter Azrak I pray for a life or going nowhere 2017
Peter Azrak Pulling Back the Future: A Therapist Finding His Way 2017
Beebe Bahrami Cafe Oc: A Nomad's Tale of Magic, Mystery, and Finding Home in the Dordogne of Southwestern France 2016
Michael Baldwin The Quantum Uncertainty of Love: Poetry of the Entanglement of Science, Philosophy, and Spirit 2019
Michael Baldwin The Sublime Landscape and Beyond: An Artist's Retrospective and a Poet's Vision 2021
Ellen Blum Barish Seven Springs: A Memoir 2021
Art Beck Angel Rain 2022
Art Beck Etudes: A Rilke Recital 2021
Heidi Elizabeth Blankenship Memorizing Shadows: Inspiration from the Arizona Trail 2017
Elizabeth Bodien Oblique Music: A Book of Hours 2019
Greg Bogaerts Beyond Sunflowers and Starry Nights: Stories Inspired by Vincent van Gogh 2018
Greg Bogaerts Drowning in Darkness and Light: Best Short Stories of Greg Bogaerts 2019
Greg Bogaerts Walking Paris Streets with Eugene Atget 2013
Ann Calandro Ruthie's Magic Sweater 2017
David Calandro Open 2018
Molly Chanson Fallen Star: A Return to Self through the Eight Limbs of Yoga 2022
Margaret Chula Firefly Lanterns: Twelve Years in Kyoto 2021
Ann Copeland Keeping Time: A Life Making Music 2018
Susan Currie Breathtaking: The Language of Pause 2019
Susan Currie Gracenotes 2017
Susan Currie Once Divided 2016
Susan Currie Superflow: Light Up the Artist in You 2021
Denise David Against Forgetting: War, Love, and After War 2020
Holly Day Bound in Ice 2021
David Denny Some Divine Commotion 2017
David Denny Sometimes Only the Sad Songs Will Do 2020
David Denny The Gill Man in Purgatory 2015
Maria Dintino The Light Above: A Memoir with Margaret Fuller 2022
Michelle Doege Root of Light 2022
Suzanne Doerge Footfalls: Poems of the Camino 2022
Rebecca A. Durham Loss/Less 2022
Kathy Ewing Lead Me, Guide Me: The Life and Example of Father Dan Begin 2020
Lorraine Ferebee Faith Is a Verb: It Always Precedes the Miracle 2022
Cheryl J. Fish The Sauna Is Full of Maids 2021
Paul Flippen 36days 2019
Nancy Gerber The Dancing Clock: Reflections on Family, Love, and Loss 2019
Christian Gholson Absence : Presence 2023
Brian Glaser All the Hills 2019
Brian Glaser Contradictions 2020
Brian Glaser Difficult Joy 2021
Gary Glauber A Careful Contrition 2021
Danusha Goska God through Binoculars: A Hitchhiker at a Monastery 2018
James Green The Color of Prayer: Poems on Rembrandt Painting the Bible 2019
Lawrence Gregory Stretching Silver Through Blue Haze 2017
Angeline Haen Sweet Wisdoms 2017
Mark B. Hamilton OYO, The Beautiful River: An Environmental Narrative in Two Parts 2020
K. S. Hardy Mister Vincent's Christmas Tree: An Impressionistic Fable about Vincent van Gogh 2019
John Harvey The Stillness of the Living Forest: A Year of Listening and Learning 2018
Katherine Hauswirth The Morning Light, The Lily White: Daily Dips into Nature and Spirit 2023
Bronwen Mayer Henry Radioactive Painting: How a Cancer Treatment Lit Up My Creative Practice 2020
Daniel Hertz Everything Is a Little Bit Alright: Yoga, Meditation, and a Dog Named Roy 2020
Peter Hoheisel Relationship Determines Decision 2020
Harvey H. Honig A People's Guide to An Interfaith Christian Theology in a Time of Transformation 2022
Sherry Horton Witness Chair: A Memoir of Art, Marriage, and Loss 2016
Anne Ierardi Coming Alive: Memoir 2022
William Irwin Always Dao 2021
William Irwin Little Siddhartha: A Sequel 2018
Rani Iyer Dancing Heart 2016
Elizabeth Jaikaran Trauma: A Collection of Short Stories 2017
Elizabeth Jaikaran Waiting for a Name 2023
David James Wiping Stars from Your Sleeves 2021
Deborah Jang Float True 2020
Nancy K. Jentsch Between the Rows 2022
Julie Tallard Johnson The Clue of the Red Thread: Discovering Fearlessness and Compassion in Uncertain Times 2021
Allan Johnston In a Window 2018
Allan Johnston Sable and Selected Poems 2022
Fae Kayarian Journals of a Visitor 2020
Suzanne Kelsey Skipping Church: Notes from an Accidental Minister's Wife 2021
Diane Kendig Woman with a Fan: On Maria Blanchard 2021
Leslie Klein Driving Through Paintings 2020
Mary B. Kurtz Apertures: Findings from a Rural Life 2022
Anthony Labriola Birds and Arrows 2017
Anthony Labriola Sun Dogs 2020
Anthony Labriola The Rigged Universe (2nd edition) 2020
Kathleen Brewin Lewis Magicicada & Other Marvels 2022
Marjorie Maddox Heart Speaks, Is Spoken For 2022
Peter Maeck Aperture 2022
Peter Maeck Remembrance of Things Present : Making Peace with Dementia 2017
Jacqueline Mallegni Solitude 2018
Suzanne Rogier Marshall A Charm of Finches 2022
Deb McCarroll The Long Hot Walk 2019
Meghan McCarthy The Lemon Tree 2018
Jim and Carol McCord Two Lenses—Four Europes 2019
Jim McCord Beneath the Midi Sun 2021
Joshua McGuire The Secret of Music: A Look at the Listening Life 2019
Lois Ruskai Melina The Grammar of Untold Stories 2020
Susan Eaton Mendenhall A House Named Simplicity: Stories of Finding Home 2021
William Miller Lee Circle 2019
Mary Dian Molton About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung?A Son's Story 2021
Michael Molyneux Letters from a Young Poet: A Lonesome Journey to the Heart of the Latin American Dream 2017
Joseph Murphy Another Language 2021
Joseph Murphy Shoreline of the Heart 2019
Stacey Murphy Old Stones Understand 2021
Tim J. Myers All the Fierce Complexities of Hunger 2020
James B. Nicola Fires of Heaven: Poems of Faith and Sense 2021
James B. Nicola Out of Nothing: Poems of Art and Artists 2018
Sheree K. Nielsen Coffee Coma: Poems and Photos about Our Love Affair and Life with Coffee 2021
Sheree K. Nielsen Mondays in October 2019
Kelly Norris Unconventional Wisdom: Finding My Way Outside the Mainstream 2019
Scott F. Parker Time Again: An Essay on Zhuangzi, Fatherhood, and Other Matters of Life and Death as They Concerned the Author on a Visit to Northeastern Oregon 2023
Nina Pick At the Edge of the Dirac Sea 2021
Dorothy Preston Getting Off the Radiator: A Story of Shame, Guilt, and Forgiveness 2021
Lauren Rader Studio Stories: Illuminating Our Lives through Art 2016
Rachel Rodman Art Is Fleeting: A Collection of Very Short Stories 2021
Theresa Rodriguez Longer Thoughts 2020
Theresa Rodriguez Sonnets 2020
Tracy Ross Broken Signals: (Trials of Disconnect) 2018
Tracy Ross James Dean and the Beautiful Machine 2020
Tracy Ross Relics and Rituals 2022
Bob Royalty Walking Hadrian's Wall: A Memoir of a Father's Suicide 2021
David Sapp Drawing Nirvana: Art, Poetry, Love 2021
Judith Skillman A Landscaped Garden for the Addict 2021
Judith Skillman The Truth about Our American Births 2020
Carol Smallwood In Hubble's Shadow 2017
Carol Smallwood In the Measuring 2018
Carol Smallwood Interweavings: Creative Nonfiction 2017
Stacie Smith Meanwhile the Earth: Poems from Cougar Creek 2018
Stacie Smith Real News 2019
Stacie Smith Report from the Confluence 2021
Stacie Smith Trail to the Spring 2022
Stacie Smith & June Campbell Rose Second Sight 2020
translated and edited by Alexander Vashchenko and Claude Clayton Smith MEDITATIONS After the Bear Feast: The Poetic Dialogues of N. Scott Momaday and Yuri Vaella 2016
Judith Sornberger Angel Chimes: Poems of Advent and Christmas 2020
Judith Sornberger The Accidental Pilgrim: Find God and His Mother in Tuscany 2015
Dawn Sperber My Bones Are Love Gifts 2022
Elizabeth Spencer Spragins Waltzing with Water: Tempos in Verse 2021
Elizabeth Spencer Spragins With No Bridle for the Breeze: Ungrounded Verse 2019
Joseph Stanton Moving Pictures 2019
Joseph Stanton Prevailing Winds 2022
Jane Anne Staw Small: The Little We Need for Happiness 2017
Jane Anne Staw Small: The Little We Need for Happiness (WORKBOOK) 2021
Margaret Stawowy Storms of the Inland Sea: Poems of Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiving 2022
Dona Luongo Stein Leaving Greece 2018
Christine Sloan Stoddard Belladonna Magic: Spells in the Form of Poetry and Photography 2019
Anita Sullivan Original Flamboyance 2022
Anita Sullivan The Bird That Swallowed the Music Box: (Ways of Listening) 2018
Anita Sullivan The Rhythm of It: Poetry's Hidden Dance 2019
Janet Sunderland From Ocean to Desert: A Spiritual Memoir 2021
Wally Swist A Writer's Statements on Beauty: New & Selected Essays & Reviews 2022
Wally Swist Awakening and Visitation 2020
Wally Swist Candling the Eggs 2017
Wally Swist Evanescence: Selected Poems 2020
Wally Swist Taking Residence 2021
Wally Swist The Bees of the Invisible 2019
Wally Swist The Map of Eternity 2018
Bob Thurber Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel 2016
Bob Thurber Nothing But Trouble 2014
Michelle M. Tokarczyk Galapagos: Islas Encantadas 2023
M. Kaat Toy Many Worlds: Some American Odysseys 2021
Sharon Tracey Chroma: Five Centuries of Women Artists 2020
Sharon Tracey Land Marks 2022
Amber D. Tran Salt: Poems of Appalachian Roots 2018
Gail Tyson The Vermeer Tales 2020
Karla Van Vliet Fluency: A Collection of Asemic Writing 2021
Karla Van Vliet From the Book of Remembrance 2015
Karla Van Vliet The River From My Mouth 2016
Sheri Vandermolen Jasmine Fractals: Poems of Urban India 2017
Pramila Venkateswaran The Singer of Alleppey 2018
Lori Vos Coming Home: A Spiritual Memoir 2022
Eric Wade Upstream: In the Alaska Wilderness 2022
Naomi Beth Wakan Now and Here 2021
Naomi Beth Wakan On the Arts 2020
Naomi Beth Wakan Poetry That Heals 2018
Naomi Beth Wakan The Way of Haiku 2019
Naomi Beth Wakan The Way of Tanka 2017
Naomi Beth Wakan Time Together 2022
Naomi Beth Wakan Wind on the Heath 2020
Peter Waldor Gate Posts with No Gate: The Leg Paint Project 2018
Lillo Way Lend Me Your Wings 2021
Richard Widerkehr Night Journey 2022
Lee Woodman Artscapes 2022
Sylvia Worthley & Sherry Horton I Want to Talk: Growing Up in Lunenburg, Vermont, 1920-1940 2020
Chila Woychik Singing the Land: A Rural Chronology 2020
James Wvinner The Real Deal: Cowboys, Poets and First Peoples 2016
Brahna Yassky Slow Dancing with Fire: A Memoir of Resilience 2022
David Zurick Morning Coffee at the Goldfish Pond: Seeing a World in the Garden 2017
David Zurick Polynesia 2022


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